~~~ Docs, Support, Videos ~~~


Get Started - The first steps with Zorro.
Online Tutorial - Brief intro to the C language with strategy examples.
Online Manual - Detailed description of current and upcoming Zorro features.
List of Functions - Zorro functions by category.
List of Bugs - All bugs found in any Zorro version.
Migration - Converting code from other platforms to Zorro.
Trading FAQ - Basic questions about Zorro and financial trading.


Zorro User Forum - Exchange ideas and get help from other Zorro users.
Algo Bootcamp - Join a team and learn serious strategy development with Zorro.
Support FAQ - Get answers on most frequently asked support questions.
Support Subscription - Get solutions and answers on technical questions (35 EUR/month).


Black Book of Financial Hacking - Write Zorro strategies for forex, options, stocks.
Das schwarze Börsenhackerbuch - Strategie-Entwicklung für Forex, Optionen, Aktien.
The Financial Hacker - Blog about algorithmic trading research and experiments.
Robot Wealth Blog - Another great source for system development with Zorro.
Useful Books & Links - Read all those books for becoming a quant.


Script Development - Problems coding a complex strategy? We take over. Contact info(at)opgroup.de.
Zorro Installation - We install a ready-to-trade system on your VPS by remote access. Contact us for details.
Historical Data - Options (EOD) and prices (M1) of all US stocks/ETFs in Zorro format. Quotes on request.
Engine Licenses - We license the Zorro engine for trading software development. Please contact us for details.