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oP group Germany is a team of software engineers specialized on model building and machine learning. We provide consulting and programming services for quantitative investing, data analysis, and trading system automation. Together with our partner company Conitec GmbH we created the Gamestudio and Zorro development systems.

Our development services:

  • Algorithmic trading systems for options, futures, stocks, forex, digital currencies.
  • Automated portfolio rotation systems ("Robo-Advisors").
  • Indicator and system implementations from research papers.
  • Indicator and system conversion from retail platforms.
  • Deep neural networks (Keras/Tensorflow).
  • HFT systems and HFT simulation.
  • API or data feed implementations (FIX, REST, proprietary protocols).
  • Trading platform and trading engine development.
  • Languages: C/C++, R, Python, CUDA, Intel assembler, HLSL, VHDL.

With about 1200 trading systems and software tools programmed in the last 8 years, we're probably the leading development service for algo trading. Our clients are startup funds, trading institutions, universities, and private traders. Since serious trading systems would often exceed the capabilities of retail trading platforms, we're normally using the Zorro platform for script-based or stand-alone trading systems.

Insight in algorithmic trading, strategy development, and indicator development can be found on our blog The Financial Hacker.  We realize your system based on trading rules, price curve anomalies, or market inefficiencies that you specified. We can also review, fix, clean up, optimize, and test your trading scripts with walk forward analysis, Monte Carlo analysis, and reality check algorithms.

For outsourcing your programming task, please request a quote from info@opgroup.de. Send a brief description of the planned strategy or software tool. Development fees start at EUR 170 for simple indicator based systems ("Expert Advisors"), and can be in the 4 digits for complex machine learning or options trading systems. If required, please download our NDA.

Your trading system will be delivered as a ready-to-run script in commented source code with six months support and warranty. You'll also get a brief analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.  We will further assist you at any stage of the development and deployment process. You can use the developed algorithm as starting point for algo trading systems of your own design.

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Conitec HQ in Dieburg, Germany
Conitec HQ in Dieburg, Germany

oP group Germany GmbH
Birkenstr. 25-27
63549 Ronneburg, Germany
CEO: Felicitas Lotter
HR: Hanau HRB 92932
VAT ID: DE266849154

Office USA:
Conitec Data Systems Inc.
7918 El Cajon Blvd, N-299
La Mesa, CA 91942

Email: info@opgroup.de
Tel: +49 6184 929775 (CET office hours)
Fax: +49 6184 929778
Skype: oP group Germany



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