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But it can beat any.

Zorro is a script-based data analysis tool, like R or Python. But with a focus on financial trading, much easier to use, and magnitudes faster. It can do anything that an automated trading platform does - only better. 
   Any imaginable trading system can be realized with a small script in C. Python and R are also supported. Tutorials and video courses get you quickly started, even with no prior programming knowledge. Zorro offers extreme flexibility and advanced features otherwise not found in consumer trading software.


Zorro script displaying  an 'Iron Condor' payoff diagram
One tool for all markets.

Markets are all different, but Zorro is universal. It supports anything financial: options, futures, stocks, bonds, ETFs, CFDs, forex, and cryptocurrencies. It connects to data feeds, banks, brokers, and exchanges. It covers trading timeframes from milliseconds to months, and supports all algorithmic trading methods from high-frequency trading to option combos or monthly portfolio rotation.
Linear neural network
Human and artificial intelligence.

Define a deep learning architecture and apply it like a simple indicator. Zorro utilizes R and Python libraries and can use Keras™, TensorFlow™, MxNet™, or any other machine learning or data analysis package for your strategy.
   Add human intelligence. Retrieve market sentiment data from option chains, curve patterns, order flow, seasonal or currency strength, blockchain parameters, news sources, or online contents.
Parameter histograms
Serious optimizing.

Optimizing can evaluate a strategy's robustness, or adapt it to different markets. Zorro's walk-forward optimizer needs less than 25 seconds for training an intraday portfolio system with 12 parameters. Ascent, brute force, genetic, and external optimization are supported. Histograms and contour charts illustrate the effect of any parameter on the strategy.
   Other optimizer modules generate trading rules in C code, analyze candle patterns, train machine learning models, or calculate weights for optimal capital allocation. Live trading systems can automatically re-train themselves in regular intervals.
Reality check diagram
Reality check.

Determining the expected performance of a strategy is no trivial task. Zorro's tick-level backtester needs only 0.3 seconds for a 10-years strategy test in high accuracy. Any exchange, broker, or account can be simulated by its symbols, leverages, margins, commissions, swaps, spreads, interest, slippage, market hours, and holidays.
   Step into details with the visual debugger. Validate results with walk-forward analysis and Montecarlo simulation. Verify the backtest realism by reality checks with randomized data.
Z2 strategy balance curve
Instant strategies.

Zorro comes with ready-to-run trading systems for forex, CFDs, ETFs, stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. They are permanently maintained and allow you to experience a live trading system before developing your own strategies.
   Please be aware that the future is unknown and all strategies are risky. Invest no money you can't afford to lose.
Strategy control panel
All is customizable.

If Zorro's minimalistic user interface won't do, design your own. Define buttons, lists, displays, sliders, entry fields, charts, and reports by script or with a simple spreadsheet.

Automate Zorro jobs with batch processes. Integrate Zorro in your own software and run Zorro tasks with a simple DLL interface. Control web platforms by sending key strokes and mouse clicks. Implement arbitrary broker APIs or feed protocols. Define special bars - Renko, Point-and-Figure, or bars of your own design. Verify the live trading status from anywhere with individualized online reports.
Zorro video course
Flat learning curve.

Zorro's lite-C language allows an easy approach to strategy coding with very short scripts. Tutorials, books, video courses, and the Algo Bootcamp cut your learning curve. Use the integrated environment and on-the-fly compiler for rapid development, test, and deployment of algorithmic strategies.

If you're a seasoned programmer, use your familiar C++ platform, such as Microsoft Visual Studio™ with its advanced debugging and profiling features. Zorro accepts projects as lite-C scripts, as compiled executables, or as C++ DLLs.
Why free?

Zorro is free for private traders because its development was partially donated. Our sponsor believed that all people, especially in developing countries, should learn programming and participate in the financial markets.
   Small, but regular trading incomes for anyone take liquidity out of the financial system and inject it back into the production cycle. This can boost worldwide demand and reduce the divide between rich and poor.

Allow Zorro to beat the world's financial system with its own weapons. Understand, analyze, experiment with, and exploit the markets with many different ideas and methods.
   While the markets are evolving, Zorro's development is ongoing, funded through sponsor licenses, development contracts, and trading returns. New versions come out every 3-4 months.



"Take Money From The Rich And Give It To The Poor"