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The free Zorro version is fully functional and can trade with real money. Read here how to get started. Before investing money in the included strategies, please read the Z systems chapter carefully. For developing your own trade strategies, learn in the Tutorial how to code them. If you have no broker account yet, read about how to open a demo or live account under Brokers. Visit the Zorro user forum regularly for information, tips, tricks, and updates.

If you don't own Zorro S, withdraw your profits regularly from the broker account; the free Zorro version stops trading when the account balance exceeds $7000 (see profit limits for details). If you live in the US, check if your account is restricted by NFA Compliance Rule 2-43(b) (see trading for details). Set NFA = 1 either in Z.ini and/or in your account list (Accounts.csv).

Updating from Zorro 1.60 to Zorro 1.66

Zorro 1.60 / 1.66 bug list

Zorro 1.66 new features

Zorro 1.70 (in development)

Planned for future Zorro versions

You can vote for the priority of those features or suggest other features for the next Zorro versions on the Zorro user forum.

Zorro Release History

Zorro 1.66 (released September 2017)

Zorro 1.60 (released July 2017)

Zorro 1.58 (released May 2017)

Zorro 1.54 (released February 2017)

Zorro 1.50 (released September 2016)

Zorro 1.46 (released July 2016)

Zorro 1.44 (released May 2016)

Zorro 1.42 (released February 2016)

Zorro 1.40.2 (released November 2015)

Zorro 1.34 (released August 2015)

Zorro 1.32 (released June 2015)

Zorro 1.30 (released April 2015)

Zorro 1.28 (released February 2015)

Zorro 1.26 (released October 2014)

Zorro 1.24 (released June 2014)

Zorro 1.22 (released April 2014)

Zorro 1.20 (released November 2013)

Zorro 1.16 (released September 2013)

Zorro 1.14 (released August 2013)

Zorro 1.12 (released July 2013)

Zorro 1.10 (released May 2013)

Zorro 1.06 (released March 2013)

Zorro 1.05 (released January 2013)

Zorro 1.04 (released December 2012)

Zorro 1.03 (released November 2012)

Zorro 1.01 (released October 2012)

Zorro 0.99 (released August 2012)

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