The Zorro.ini or ZorroFix.ini files can be edited for setting up some Zorro properties when the program is started. For this, open Zorro.ini in the Zorro folder with SED or any other plain text editor, and edit the following parameters:

Line Default Description
Comma = 0 Decimal point. Set this to 1 for using a comma instead of a full stop for the decimal mark in exported spreadsheet files. For European Excel™ versions.
Mute = 0 Sound enabled. Set this to 1 for disabling trading sounds. Useful when Zorro is running in your bedroom.
Security = 0 Store login data. Set this to 1 for not storing the password, and to 2 for also not storing the user name. Recommended when other people have access to your PC.
AutoCompile = 0 Compile always. Set this to 1 for compiling only modified scripts. Saves a few seconds when testing scripts. Note that static or global variables are then not reset on subsequent runs.
CleanLogs = 30 Delete logs after 30 days. Set this to 0 for never deleting old log files, otherwise to the minimum number of days for keeping logs and charts.
CleanData = 0 Never delete data files. Set this to the minimum number of days (f.i. 365) for keeping previously trained rule, factor, and parameter files.
WebFolder = "Log" Log Set this to the folder for storing the trade status page. For publishing live results on the Internet, many Windows servers use the C:\inetpub\wwwroot folder by defualz.
HistoryFolder = "History" History Set this to the folder containing the price history files (*.t6 or *.t1). Useful when several Zorro installations share a common price history f.i. on a LAN server.
RTermPath =
Example R path Set this to the path to the RTerm program for using the R bridge or the NEURAL machine learning method.
EditorPath = "SED.exe" SED Set this to the path to the text editor for scripts and performance reports.
ViewerPath = "ZView.exe" ZView Set this to the path to the .png image viewer for charts and statistics.
QuandlKey = "" Empty Set this to your Quandl API key for downloading historical data from Quandl.


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