Determines the verbosity of trade, error, and diagnostics messages.


0 Few messages. Most warnings are suppressed. Bars are only printed in [Trade] mode or when trades are open.
1 More messages (default).
2 Even more messages. In [Trade] mode, the daily profit is printed once per day. In [Test] mode with TICKS flag any tick preceding a trade is printed in the log.
3 Even more messages and warnings. Missing prices and internal function errors are displayed. In [Trade] mode, all open trades are listed once per day.
7 Extensive messages and diagnostics in the log file. In [Trade] mode, the time for opening and closing trades is recorded in the log file.
+8 Black box recorder for diagnostics (as if started with -diag command line option).
+16 Display critical messages, such as possibly orphaned trades or broker API errors, in a separate alert box.
+24 Black box recorder plus alert box. The recording is stopped at the first critical event, so the details leading to the situation can be evaluated from the black box log (Log\...diag.txt). Recording continues when the alert box is closed.





function run()
  Verbose = 7+8; // diagnostics messages plus black box recorder 

See also:

LOGFILE, -diag, troubleshooting


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