Determines what's plotted at the end of a test or when clicking [Result]. Use setf and resf for setting and resetting flags.


PL_LONG  - begin the chart already with the LookBack period. Otherwise the chart begins a few bars before the test or trade period.
PL_ALL  - plot all asset specific curves, regardless of the selected asset (except for price curve and trades).
PL_ALLTRADES - plot all trades, regardless of the selected asset.
PL_FINE - plot the equity and price curves in a slightly higher resolution.
PL_DIFF - plot the equity/balance difference to the initial value, rather than the total value. This allows better visibility of small equity changes when Capital is invested.
PL_FILE - export the chart to a .png image, rather than opening the chart viewer. The file name is composed from the script name, an optional asset name, and the LogNumber.
PL_BENCHMARK - plot the equity as a line, instead of a bar graph, f.i. for comparing equity curves with benchmarks.




function run()

See also:

plot, PlotScale, Colors, setf, resf. mode


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