Chart variables


Maximum number of bars to plot in the chart, or 0 for plotting all bars (default). A positive number plots the bars from the start, a negative number from the end. Enter a small number for increasing the scale of the chart and zoom in to the start or to the end.


Start bar number of the chart. Can be used to start the chart at a certain bar, f.i. 10 bars before the opening a trade (for this set PlotStart = Bar-10; in the trade trigger code). If at 0 (default), the chart starts 10 bars before the end of the LookBack period. 


Alternative start of the chart, as a date in the yyyymmdd format.


Candle and symbol width in pixels (default 5). Use a negative number for displaying hi-low bars instead of candlesticks. The candle type is automatically switched between black/white candles, hi/low bars, and plain lines dependent on this variable and the chart size.


Zoom threshold for visibility of text labels on the chart, in percent of a candle width (default = 1 = text visible on candles > 0.01 pixel). 


Distance in bars between x-axis labels in histograms (default = 0 = label at any bar). Use this for better readability of labels in tight histograms.


The size of the border around the chart where the axis labels are displayed, in pixels (default: 50).


Maximum chart image width in pixels (default 2000), or 0 for no chart. The candle width is accordingly reduced when the chart exceeds PlotWidth. Note that too-large chart images can't be displayed with most image viewers. The initial chart width in the interactive chart viewer is 600 pixels plus borders.


Height of the main chart with the price bars in chart images, in pixels (default 480). 


Height of additional charts (plot with type=NEW), in pixels (default 160). Also used for the parameter or contour charts in training, and for determining the proportions of additional charts in relation to the main chart in the interactive chart viewer.


Period in minutes for updating the chart on the trade status page (default: 60 = 1 hour).






See plot. For removing chart elements such as price candles or equity curves, set their Color to 0.


function run()
  PlotBars = 2000;

See also:

plot, PlotMode, profile, Color, StartDate


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