Kraken is a San Francisco based digital currency broker. It supports about 40 crypto currencies and allows algorithmic trading with leverage and shorting. It offers a REST API and a Websocket API. For speed reasons, the Kraken plugin for Zorro uses Websocket whenever possible. Real mode and Demo mode is available, the latter for simulated trading only.

User Primary account currency, f.i. USD or XBT
Password PublicKey(space)PrivateKey

Accounts.csv example entry:

Name Server Account User Pass Assets CCY Real NFA Plugin
Kraken-XBT Kraken 0 XBT PublicKey PrivateKey AssetsKraken XBT.B8 1 14 Kraken.dll

Kraken asset symbols

The Kraken plugin requires symbols in the usual form XXX/YYY, where YYY is the counter currency and XXX the currency to trade.

Volume is per-bar volume in historical data, accumulated session volume in live data.

Supported data and commands

The Kraken plugin supports the following additional data streams:

The Kraken plugin supports the brokerCommand function with the following commands:

The following additional custom commands are supported:

Usage of the custom commands in Zorro scripts:

#define GET_ALL_BALANCES 6000
typedef struct KRAKEN_BALANCE {
char sCurrency[8];
double vBalance;
... KRAKEN_BALANCE KrakenBalances[100]; brokerCommand(GET_ALL_BALANCES,KrakenBalances);

Known Kraken API issues

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