Coinigy Plugin

Coinigy™ offers an API access to many digital currency exchanges, so Zorro can trade with the same plugin on various exchanges, even simultaneously. The service is free for the first weeks, afterwards it's about $20 per month.

For opening a Coinigy account, visit and apply. You'll then receive a public and a private key for accessing the API. You can then add to your Coinigy account all digital exchanges where you want to trade, and enter their credentials. You need at least one exchange, or else the Coinigy plugin will not work. For placing orders with Coinigy, Two-Factor Authentication must be activated, and trading on the exchange must be enabled (both with the exchange and with Coinigy). The procedures are explained on the Coinigy website.

The Coinigy plugin uses API version 1.

User Coinigy API key
Password Coinigy Secret

Example account list entry:

Coinigy,Coinigy,BTC,1234567890abcdef,fedcba0987654321,AssetsCoinigy,BTC.B8, 1,14,Coinigy.dll, 

Coinigy asset symbols

Coinigy uses symbols in the form XXX/YYY, where YYY is the counter currency and XXX the currency to trade. Bittrex symbols in the form YYY-XXX are also supported and automatically converted. Which assets you can trade depends on which exchanges you have added to your Coinigy account. The exchange symbol can be appended to an XXX/YYY symbol, for instance BTC/ETH-KRKN (Zorro 2.33 or above). At login, a string of supported exchange symbols is printed to the message window.

Supported broker commands

The Coinigy plugin supports the brokerCommand function with the following commands:

Known Coinigy API issues

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