Determines the number of logical CPU cores for WFO training (Zorro S required). Either a positive value for the number of cores to use, or a negative value for the number of cores not to use, f.i. -1 for using all available cores but one. Default = 0 for no multi-core training. The WFO cycles are evenly distributed among parallel Zorro processes assigned to different CPU cores. The more cores, the faster is the training run; f.i. assigning 5 cores of a 6-core CPU will reduce the training time by 80%.


The current core number in a WFO multicore training run, or the current process number, or 0 when no multicore process is running (read/only).





NumCores = -2; // use all logical cores but two

See also:

NumWFOCycles, Training, Processes


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