frame (int Offset): bool

Returns true when the current TimeFrame ends at the given bar.

frameSync (int Period): int

Returns a TimeFrame value that is synchronized to a half hour, a hour, a 4 hours period, a day, or a week. This ends 30-min time frames either at a full or a half hour, 1-hour time frames at every full hour, 4-hour time frames at a multiple of 4 hours after midnight, daily time frames at midnight, and weekly time frames at the end of the week. Periods higher than one week or lower than 30 minutes are not synchronized. FrameOffset can be used to shift the synchronized time frame to a particular time or workday. Returns 0 inside the time frame, and the negative number of skipped bars at the end of the time frame.


Offset Bar distance to the current bar. Must be 0 when TimeFrame is synchronized to a fixed time period or to an external event.
Period Time period to be synchronized, in bars; either a half hour, a hour, a 4 hours period, a day, or 7 days for a week.



function run()
  BarPeriod = 60;
  FrameOffset = 3;
  TimeFrame = frameSync(24);
// the time frame will now change daily at 3:00

See also:

Bar, TimeFrame, BarZone, BarMode, suspended

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