frame (int Offset): bool

Returns true when the current TimeFrame ends at the given bar.

frameSync (int Period): int

Synchronizes TimeFrame to a half hour, a hour, a 4 hours period, a day, or a week. Causes 30-min time frames to end either at a full or a half hour, 1-hour time frames at every full hour, 4-hour time frames at a multiple of 4 hours after midnight, daily time frames at midnight, and weekly time frames at Monday 00:00. FrameOffset can be used to shift the synchronized time frame. Returns 0 inside the time frame and the negative number of skipped bars at the end of the time frame.


Offset Bar distance to the current bar. Must be 0 when TimeFrame is synchronized to a fixed time period or to an external event.
Period Time period to be synchronized, in bars. Must be an integer multiple of an hour, a day, or a week.



function run()
  BarPeriod = 60;
  FrameOffset = 3;
  TimeFrame = frameSync(24);
// the time frame will now change daily at 3:00

See also:

Bar, TimeFrame, BarZone, BarMode, suspended

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