email (string To, string From, string Subject, string Body, string Server, string User, string Password): int

Sends an email to a given recipient. Useful for receiving emails when Zorro opens or closes a trade, or for status reports.


To - Recipient address as required by the server. Usually in angular brackets like "<>".
From - Sender address, usually in angular brackets.
Subject - Subject line of the email, and optionally content types.
Body - Text content of the email, max 16k.
Server - SMTP/SMTPS server with optional port address, f.i. "smtp://" or "smtps://".
User - Login name for the SMTP server, often identical to the sender address.
Passwort - Login password for the SMTP server.


0 if the email could not be sent, otherwise nonzero.



void main()
  string To = "<>";
  string From = "<>";
  string Subject = "Zorro Message";
  string Body = "Zorro has sent you a message!";
  string Server = "smtps://";
  string User = "";
  string Password = "zorros_password";

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